HELINOS UV Freshwater sterilizer


Patentprodukter AS  was manufacturing  this Helinos UV unit for decades, but production was stopped in 2005.

We  did supply spares for this unit until about 2012 m but after that we recommand our new UV unit you find bellow.

The only spares we still can supply for the Helinos unit are UV lamps and quartz glasses.



Helinos UV freshwater sterilzer

Helinos UV freshwater sterilzer

For new units we rcommand our DM UV freshwater sterilizer.

Our new sterilizer is more modern in construction and in use than the former Helinos UV,  and can easily be installed where an old Helinos used to be.

The DM unit is a modern, robust, » no maintenance» unit in stainless steel for easy installation and effective use!

With a control box is in solid PVC, and the electronic is a solid construction from Japan + Germany, we offer you a very reliable , easy handling UV freshwater sterlizer.


DM UV freshwater sterilizer

DM UV freshwater sterilizer

DM UV freshwater sterlizers give sterilized , safe freshwater for drinking, kitchen and showers and secure health for people on board. It is easy installation, very, very low maintenace and a troublefree use. for years. A replacement of the UV lamp, about once a year, is usually all maintenace needed on well kept freshwater lines.

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